Meet the photographer. I'm a wife, mom, fur-mom. I'm also a lover of all things vintage. My photography story. It's simple really...we all have a "hero", the person that inspires us. For me, that's my dad. Even though he is no longer with us he lives within my heart and through my photography. I grew up with a camera in my face. My dad loved photography! I remember being amazed with the shots he could capture. He was at peace when he had his camera in hand. 
Fast forward...what began as just outdoor fun snapping photos of my family. I found myself being asked "Who is taking all your pictures"? and/or "Will you take my family pictures"? "Will you be the photographer for my wedding"? With the support of my family. My dream and little hobby became a reality. One photo-shoot led to another and with each one I have the same thought, my dad. With every photo I capture my heart fills with love and I can now say "I am at peace when I have my camera in hand".

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