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I know I have posted some articles like this in the past but I feel it needs to be reiterated now, during the big gift giving season. While you may be schooled on the extra TLC it takes to care for your clothing, the ladies you are buying for perhaps do not. You may have daughters who are now doing their own laundry and are squishing their entire closet in to one wash cycle, or a husband who is washing your tunics with his work pants.( this is my husband... lol)
Boutiques normally carry many different designers in their shops. Sometimes the care instructions aren't very visible.
I have tons (that's not even an exaggeration) of boutique clothing. I have NEVER had an item tear, rip, shrink, fade, bleed, or even spontaneously combust.( unless of course my husband decided to do laundry that day)

If your garment says "Dry Clean Only" PLEASE, for the love.. Dry Clean that sucker!! Do not use those bag things. Physically take that beauty to a professional.

I wash all my clothing on the HAND WASH cycle. This is not the same as a DELICATE cycle. If you do not have a HAND WASH cycle on your machine.. then physically HAND WASH that work of art.
I don't wash more than 4 or 5 items at one time. Obviously by color..which isn't too hard for me since 99.999% of my clothing is black. I don't dry ANYTHING. I do not wash jeans with anything other than jeans. I use delicate detergent and very rarely use fabric softener.
Boutique Clothing does require some extra TLC, but when you feel and look like a million bucks you'll realize it's totally worth it. Besides, you or someone you love spent their hard earned dollars on it. Let's keep it around a while!  Also,Boutique clothing consigns great as long as you take care of it. When you are tired of it, consign and use that $$ for something new!

If you have any special tricks to caring for your clothing, please leave comments!  It's always great to learn something new.

Till next time..
Lots of Love,

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  • Patsy Voyles on

    You rock! I am a terrible washer!

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